How to make a fake formula bottle for Reborn Dolls
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Please remember that fake formula bottles should not be used by young children
They are meant as a prop for reborn baby dolls.
Some bottles, not sealed properly will leak and young children will tend to put the
bottle in their own mouths! Please be responsible with any of the information
found on this page!
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Here's my way of making fake formula for reborn baby bottles

supplies needed;
clear plastic baby bottle, bottle nipple with ring and disk, something to stir with, hot water, carpenters glue (yellow), strong glue, like super glue for
sealing, silicone (aquarium type is fine) for sealing hole in nipple if so desired, tooth pick

NOTE: I usually mix my fake formula in the bottle itself, so have the chosen bottle prepared, and choose your method of sealing (either just the nipple hole is
sealed ((sealant inside nipple top))or the sealing disk will be glued to the top of the bottle then the nipple and ring is placed on)

I like to use any carpenter's glue, the slight yellow glue makes a great formula color.

I pour glue into the bottle, up to the one ounce line for a 2 oz bottle, 2 ounce line for a 4 ounce bottle etc.
I then add hot water up to the  4,6,8 ounce mark. (leave room for proper shaking for remixing any separated substances and for making those 'gassy' bubbles in
the 'fake' formula.)

Then mix the 'fake' formula a bit with the end of a spoon, Popsicle stick, paint brush handle etc.(for 'breast milk just add extra water for a thinner consistency)

To 'seal' the fake bottle:
Be sure the top edge of the bottle is dry, apply a thin line of glue to the very edge of the bottle opening. Set on the little sealing disk, aligning to cover the entire
opening. Quickly screwing on the ring and nipple helps with alignment. Screw on tightly let dry for an hour, and shake!

If you choose not to be able to remove the nipple and ring, then also apply the glue to the thread of the nipple ring and threads on the bottle itself, thin lines of
glue should do. Screw on the nipple and ring tightly.

Sealing the hole in the nipple, to allow fake milk to fill the nipple
I don't care for this method as there is always the potential for the silicone plug to dislodge, thus allowing leaking, but some reborn doll collectors like the realism!
Using the silicone, aquarium type seams to be the favorite, apply to the end of a toothpick and carefully put it inside the nipple to cover the hole area, I would
allow this to dry for at least a day, then follow the above methods, minus gluing the sealing disk to the top of the bottle. I would glue, again super glue works great
here, the nipple and the ring to the bottle, apply the glue to the threads and screw on tightly, allow to dry before shaking.

Another note: I have only thrown out this type of fake formula one time in six years...all the others are still like new!

Be aware that if you choose anything organic or like paint, vanilla flavoring to color may get moldy!

Other recipes for 'fake' formula and juices
(Remember that 'real' food products will get moldy after a period of time)

white colored fabric softener mixed with water
a few drops of vanilla flavoring added to any white mixture
white glue with a bit of yellow paint
few teaspoons of flour to water
white acrylic paint to paint the inside of a clear bottle, gives the illusion of formula, no liquid need
putting white Poli fill (stuffing for bears and dolls), inside a clear bottle (the least realistic though) great for young children's play doll bottles!

Apple juice:
brown marker dipped in water until the desired color
a drop each of red and orange food coloring added to about 6-8 ounces of water

Orange juice:
one to a few drops each of yellow and red of food coloring to 6-8 oz of water
one to a few drops of red and  yellow acrylic paint

If your reborn doll does not have an open mouth, you can still use a 'fake' formula bottle!

Some people do not use a nipple at all. They glue the disk and nipple less ring to the bottle, and just place the bottle to the lips of the doll, some add a magnet to
the disk before sealing and a magnet inside the doll behind the lips, drawing the bottle to the doll's mouth.

Using an empty, white, or any colored  bottle for this is great for a reborn that may look like it's drinking by itself (the light weight helps)

I use a 'fake' formula bottle with a nipple, sealed tightly and I push on the top of the nipple, inverting it in on itself...thus making it barely visible! Then I put the
bottle to the doll's mouth, pushing just a bit, and wallah, looks like the baby doll is drinking from the bottle!

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