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Please use caution handling any custom made magnetic pacifier. It has been made
known that magnets can interfere with electronic equipment, computers, credit cards
and pace makers. Magnets can be a danger to young children who may swallow them.
However, with appropriate care and storage, magnetic pacifiers can be a great prop
for reborn dolls!
Magnetic pacifiers should always be supervised with young children

Here's how I have been making magnetic plastic pacifiers for use with reborn dolls:

1: Have available a suitable size plastic pacifier, sharp craft knife/scissors, super glue, 2 appropriate size strong
magnets (Earth/Neo magnets seem popular),colored felt cut in small oval or circle (to cover magnet once glued)

2: Clip the nipple off the pacifier by pulling it away from pacifier body and snipping with scissors or craft knife (careful!)

Sometimes I like to leave a bit of the nipple material and stick the small magnet to the plastic inside the left over area. (allows for the paci to look like it
is actually in the 'dolls' mouth with a bit of nipple showing. Works great for parted lips.

3: Before gluing the magnet to the pacifier, chose which side/pole of the magnet will be glued the opposite side/pole with go inside the dolls
head, behind the lips.

4: Some pacifiers will have a ridge where the nipple meets the plastic. If you need it to be flush/flat you will need to trim away excess plastic before
gluing on the magnet. Carefully use the craft knife to 'whittle' away the plastic, use care that the knife does not nick other areas of the pacifier while you
cut! Some pacifiers need a bit of a divot (hollowed out)area for the magnet to sit in.
Don't give can be done!

5: Once the magnet has been glued and secure, cut an appropriate size piece of felt, I like to use a wine or dark pink color, to cover the exposed
magnet preventing scratching of the painted lips.

Please use caution handling any custom made magnetic pacifier. It has been
made known that magnets can interfere with electronic equipment, computers,
credit cards and pace makers. Magnets can be a danger to young children who may swallow them.
However, with appropriate care and storage, magnetic pacifiers can be a
great prop for reborn dolls! Please, Supervise children around magnetic pacifiers!

To glue a magnet inside vinyl head, behind the lips:

(NOTE: some like to have a piece of felt glued behind the lips BEFORE applying the magnet, for added material protection, this is up to you.) be sure
to use an extra strong magnet in this case!

1: Have the doll's head upside down on your hand on a table, use a q-tip/Popsicle stick/toothpick anything to reach in the doll's head to the lip area, to
apply the glue, (I use super glue for added strength, the gel kind works great!)
A small amount is all that is needed. Be sure to apply the glue right on the lip area, like between the lips, hold the head up to a light to help see thru the

2: Once the glue is applied on the inside, have the prepared pacifier, or another magnet ready to hold against the doll's lips ON THE OUTSIDE.

Grasp the doll's head, with the neck opening up and drop a small strong magnet inside the head. Then hold the opposite magnet or prepared magnetic
pacifier to the OUTSIDE of the dolls lips, exactly how you think the pacifier looks the best on the lips, not to high or to low, like, right in the center.
Tip the head to allow the dropped magnet to tumble towards the doll's lips...waalah...the magnet will be grabbed to the vinyl by the outside magnetic
pacifier (or opposite magnet.) Allow the two magnets to stay applied until the one inside is secure.

3: If you like (and I always do) glue a piece of felt INSIDE over the glued magnet BEFORE putting stuffing/weighting material into the head.
This prevents the magnet from possibly snagging on the stuffing, or other material.

There are many reborners that simply use a clean metal washer instead of a magnet for the inside of the head. You can secure it in the same way!
Be sure to check that the washer and the magnet for the pacifier will be attracted to each other!.

For magnetic hair bows:

Kinda the same as the magnetic pacifiers, (see instructions above) only have a head that has been rooted or painted on the inside, if needed
BEFORE gluing the inside magnet. One magnet for the bow, a second for inside the head! (Remember to have the magnet's opposite poles facing
each other) And decide the location of the hair bow(s) first! Cover the exposed magnets with a tiny bit of felt.

For magnets in other body parts, hands/feet umbilical areas:
From time to time, I have determined that a certain reborn's personality warranted the need to allow the ability to have a hand held to the lips. Or to hold
a magnetic pacifier, or perhaps hold the hands together, hand to foot ect.
In these cases I would drop a small magnet into a hollow limb, getting a far down as possible BEFORE adding the weighting material. Use care as
some doll's vinyl is a bit thin and the magnet may show as a dark spot in the limb! (Then I may add a bit of material to surround the magnet, if it is
strong enough!)

Please note, it may be best to have the magnets inside the dolls head/behind the lips already secured (to the areas you wish the limbs to be drawn
to)and before filling the limb allow it to be placed near the head so the magnet in the limb turns itself to the correct pole.

If possible try to keep the magnet in this position while filling (putting a drop of paint on the correct pole is a great way to 'see' if the magnet is facing
properly. Or have another magnet that is on the same pole side as the one inside the head, and allow it to hold the limb magnet in place while filling. In
other words, you want any magnets that are used for pacis, bows or hands/feet, to be opposite poles from the ones inside the doll's head...after all,
opposites attract!
GET IT?????

For removable umbilical cords on vinyl belly plates:

: Have a prepared belly plate ready, either painted on the back side, or I like to  cover the whole backside of the plate with a piece of mauve or pink
felt, use a good glue that won't soak the felt, such as Aileenes craft glue, or even super glue gel, used sparingly. It helps give depth to the coloring as
well as hides any visible sculpted/trimmed areas.
You can always add the plate felt covering AFTER you have secured the belly button magnet/washer, if you like!

2: You will need to glue one (very strong) magnet (or small flat metal washer) to the belly button area on the BACKSIDE of the belly plate. Again, cover
the exposed end of the glued magnet/washer with a tiny piece of felt, or wait to cover the whole plate after) then allow the second (opposite pole)
magnet to  be drawn to the front of the belly plate (showing you which pole to glue to the cord, mark it if you need to) position the cord/clamp where it
looks the best, remove the magnet from the plate front, be sure the pole is still correct, super glue the BACK of that magnet to the cord.
3: Sometimes after the belly plate magnet is secured, and the magnet for the clamp is placed on the bellybutton, I use a small drop of super glue gel
and stick the cord on, I leave it until dry. Then I cover the end with felt.
How to make a Magnetic Pacifier/Hair bow/limb for Reborn Dolls
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